In Dreams Update! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

In Dreams Update!

Just what the heck do I keep doing to my debut novel, In Dreams, you ask?!  *shakes my head*
I know, I know... I just can't quit it!  :/

But really- here's the deal.  ID was my very first book. I love the story, I love the message, but it's hard for me to read it at this point in my career.  It was even harder for me to read it two months ago! (it was in piss-poor shape and I have no one to blame but myself)

It's been re-written, re-edited, re-worked, re-designed, re-formatted, re-EVERYTHING'ed!  The story is still the same.
Let me repeat that for everyone who keeps asking me...
the story is still the same. 

There are no major plot changes AT ALL in these rewrites.

"Then what the hell did you even do to it, jenn?"

*sticks out tongue*

Well, my editor and I worked to add in more depth to the story. There's a lot more description (I swear to you there were pages of NOTHING but dialogue. I cringed when I read it lol) and the bottom line is-  it simply reads better... it's cleaner.  It's more well rounded.  It's just a better read. 

The NEW version should be LIVE on all platform within the next 24-48 hours.  And i'll be in contact with Amazon to send out an email to everyone who purchased ID in the past, so that you can upload the new version if you want.  Sometimes that takes a long time for them to do, so bear with me. 

So that's it. I'm officially moving on from In Dreams!  I know I still owe you Before the Dreams-  but it's most likely going to be a novella. I'm trying to finish it for y'all, but truth?  It's really hard to write.  My head's in such a different place (ahem, jack f'n carter-land) and it's hard to focus on these characters. 

I'll leave you with the new cover (can we please just mention the fact that this is the THIRD cover for this book?  yeah. three.  tres. clearly, I have control issues)... It's the same couple from the original cover(s), which includes my hot nephew, but I took this pic I think over 3 years ago now!  SHEESH!  So old!  lol My cover designer Michelle ( did a fantastic job. Again. Per usual. She designs ALL my covers because she's amazing, talented, patient and kind.  :) 

Alright.. i'm shutting up now!  You're all caught up.  I'm crazy. I can't leave things well enough alone.  And oh yeah...


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