Pre-Order The Game Changer for Book Bash ONLY - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Pre-Order The Game Changer for Book Bash ONLY

**pre-sales are closed for Book Bash. Books will be available for sale at my table for $15.00**

Since I will only have a limited number of copies of The Game Changer available at Book Bash (Orlando, June 29th), I wanted to give some of you the option to order a copy in advance.  A lot of you were telling me you'd prefer that! And well, your wish is my command.  :)

There are 100 copies of TGC available for Pre-Order, with more quantities available on site the day of the event (although still limited). Depending on the need, I'll see if I can get more copies-  I honestly don't know what to expect and how many books to bring, etc.



Hopefully this whole Pay-Pal button thing works and I didn't screw it up somewhere along the lines ... but more than likely I did. HA

Please please please make sure that your name is somewhere on the order (or in a note) so that my list the day of the event is accurate and I don't give your book away to someone else!  :) 

Y'all are awesome!  I don't think I've told you that enough lately.  xox

One note of clarification-  You will pick up your book at my table on the day of Book Bash. Your copy will not be mailed to your house or anything... you have to come see me!  :)


  1. I just pre-ordered my book :) I'm not sure where else my name could have showed up except for as part of my email. So I wanted to give you my transaction #
    PayPal transaction number
    Meagan B

    1. I got it Meagan! Some people's paypal accounts are their husbands, or their company- so they put their name in the notes section of the order. :)