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Bad News, Good News and even MORE Gooder News

HAHAHAHAHA.. I said "gooder."  LOL

Okay, so I don't want the title of this blog post to scare you, but we need to talk, you and I. Get comfortable... sometimes I tend to ramble.  :)

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. And hopefully by the time this is over, you won't feel like it was so bad at all (and honestly, most of you know this already, but I felt the need to clarify).
*dun dun dun* That was my attempt at a sad drumroll.

I know how badly you all wanted Dean's story. And I tried. You have to believe me when I tell you that I tried. I wrote it six ways to Sunday from Melissa's point of view and I couldn't find her voice. I literally have four (at least) different drafts from Melissa that I absolutely hate. 

But most of you know that already.

Because you know that I scrapped all of those and started fresh from Dean's point of view and I was happy about that! And I was having a lot of fun.... at first.  But it was mostly because JACK was there.  Any scene Jack was in, I was happy. Once he left, I got sad. And bored.




I spent almost 2 months trying desperately to pound out this story. To pound out ANY story, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to say and what needed to be told. 


Here's a little side note for you about me. When I write my secondary characters, I never have any intention of writing a spin off story for them. Like- where they are the main characters.
I mean, EVER.

They are secondary characters for a reason. I'm not in their head in the same way that i'm in my main characters heads.
And honestly? 
I don't WANT to be.

So that's where my problem surfaced when I tried to write this damn novella. I finally realized that I didn't want to be in Dean's head. No matter how much you all wanted me too- I didn't care about Dean & Melissa the same way I cared about Jack & Cassie.

I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

So the bad news- there will NOT be a Dean book, novella, short story, sample chapter, etc. 
No Dean Book. 
And i'm sorry to each and every one of you who was looking forward to it and was excited. I hope I haven't let you down too much.

But that brings me to the GOOD news! Well at least I hope you consider it good news cause I sure do.

I have written (note that it doesn't say AM WRITING) the third and final book in Jack & Cassie's story!!!!!!!!  I needed more from them.. I needed to go further into their lives, to see them in the future. And I needed to be able to tell them goodbye (although I'll admit, I'm not sure I can ever truly say goodbye to them- they hold such a strong place in my heart).

Anyway, The Game Changer wasn't good enough for me. I NEEDED more from Jack and Cassie. And let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!!!!!  Of course i'll be terrified the second if comes out and you all can actually read it. But honestly, at this point, I freaking love it. So much happens!!!! And all the characters you care about make an appearance.

The even GOODER news?! 

I have a release date. Not only are you getting a new book, you're getting it before the end of the year!  THIS YEAR!  :)

DECEMBER 25th, 2013 will be the release date for when Jack & Cassie's epic love story comes to a close, titled, THE SWEETEST GAME!
Yep!  Christmas freaking day!!!!!! 
Let's all have a CARTER CHRISTMAS (put a lil' Jack under your tree!)!!!
And it will be released on ALL platforms (not kindle exclusive) so I hope we rock the hell out of this!!!!!! 

I am so excited to share the final chapters of J & C's story with you all. And I cannot thank you enough for all the blessings you've given me. The way you've fallen for Jack F'n Carter and these books have blown my mind on a daily basis-  I am surprised by the emails, the pictures, the drawings, the sweetness, the kind words, the word of mouth and the sheer passion you have for these characters. Thank you.

Let's recap, shall we:

NO more Dean & Melissa Book, Novella, Short Story, Etc.
YES! We will have one last book for Jack and Cassie! 
YES! Dean and Melissa's story will unfold in the pages of this book (I promise you won't want their story after this)!
YES! Familiar friends and family will also make appearances! 

The Sweetest Game will be available on ALL platforms! 
YES! That means it will be on your NOOK!
YES! It will also be on IBOOKS and your IPAD, IPOD, IPHONE, IBATHROOM, IETC.
And YES! It will available on your KOBO!  And your SONY reader!

I hope you're excited because I sure am!  Let's all countdown to a Very Merry Carter Christmas, okay?  :)

THANK YOU again. From the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful.


  1. Best Christmas present ever!!!

  2. I think it's fantastic that you are honest with us, and yourself! One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE Jack and Cassie is because I can feel YOUR love for them as I'm reading. You can so totally tell how much you love them and love sharing them with us. If this is not happening for you with Dean...then I don't want to read it! I look forward to seeing more of them in The Sweetest Game and I'm 100% positive you will leave us all satisfied! it Christmas yet??!!!!

  3. You're F'N Fabolous!! Can't wait!

  4. I can't F'N wait!

  5. Yes!!!!! Can't wait!

  6. I might have to preorder this one because I love Jack F'N Carter!!! It would be super awesome if I can get a signed book😉

  7. I am so F'N excited!!!!!!

  8. Freakin awwesome!! Thats THE BEST news I've had today! Thank you!

  9. BEST NEWS EVER!!! So happy to hear Jack and Kitty's story continue. Like most readers, we will be sad to see it end, but at the same time I am happy to see HOW it is ended!

  10. WoooooHoooooooooo Best Christmas gift!

  11. Tracey10:53 AM

    Looking forward to Christmas! So happy I have a Kindle so I can down load it that between gifts, cooking, and entertaining I will be sneaking breaks in for Jack and Cassie. I always get sad at the end of stories so I am happy there is one more coming soon! Thank you!

  12. WooWoo!!! Looked at Amazon to pre-order...don't see it yet. Waiting on pins and needles :)

  13. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I applaud and respect your honesty. Looking forward to Christmas more!

  14. OMG! You don't know how HAPPY I am right now! I F'N LOVE Jack and Cassie!!!

  15. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Yea, so happy to hear we get a third book. Thank you!

  16. Love it!! Thank you so much, this will definitely be a Merry Christmas!!!! Yay

  17. Anonymous4:11 PM

    you f***'n make me happy and excited for christmas. im sure i will love every minute reading it!!! wooot wooot
    hugs from the philippines♥♥♥

  18. I F'N Love your blogposts, aside form the great news you crack me the hell up!! Guess I know what to ask Santa for now :)

  19. Yay!! So happy!!!

  20. The best f-ing birthday present for me!

  21. Now its like being a kid again:-)
    getting all excited about Christmas! can`t wait!

  22. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Love the Gooder news the bestest!

  23. I'm so damn excited for this book and cannot wait! Love Jack and Cassie!

  24. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE SWEETEST GAME!!!!!!! I love Jack fn CARTER!!!! Thank you sooo much for continuing their story. It will be definitely one of my most anticipated Christmas Gift!!!!!!! xoxo

  25. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I'm very happy to hear the news - it will be difficult to even wait until Christmas for an entirely different reason now....I'll be spending Christmas with Jack and the clan...Thank you!

  26. I am so excited I LOVED The Perfect Game, I do have a problem though, I can't wait to buy the 3rd installment to their story, I just can't buy the 2nd!

    I had gotten the first book on my Nook before you wen't exclusive, but I can't get the second … and I REALLY want the second. Will you be adding that to Nook at all before the third book comes out! I'd love to finish the story I love so much and get more Jack Carter!