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The Perfect Game 1 Year Celebration WINNERS!

WOOHOO!  We did it!  We made it through the first year of Jack F'n Carter with a bang!!!  :)  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who took the time to tell me what your favorite part of The Perfect Game was... or what you loved, what reminds you of the book, etc.  There were almost 400 comments to read through on Facebook and over 60 on Instagram!!!

You all amaze me! Thank you!!!!  :)

So, I had no idea how I was honestly going to choose the winners this time around. I read through every single comment and realized that I couldn't possibly play favorites! I could always do randomizer, but I was tired of doing that for every giveaway... especially when I'd asked y'all to get personal (which was the first time i'd done that).

So what did I do, you ask? I enlisted help! But before you get mad and think I just ditched y'all for some stranger, you need to know that I recruited one of my best friends, Cat for the job. Some of you probably know her from Facebook and from our private TPGC group online. I knew she was the perfect person for the job!

I told Cat, "you have to read all the comments and pick me 10 winners from fb and 5 from ig. GO!" 

She was all, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, BITCH!" and she went to work!  Now this is why I love Cat... because she's not the type of person who would skim your comments.
She actually read them.
Every single one.
And she chose winners based on reasons and emotions.

I knew she'd do that, which is why I asked for her help. She's amazing and thoughtful and a great friend. SO!  Who won?  Well, the list is below!  With her reasons, no less. HA HA HA 

Don't kill me Cat.  :)

PS- if your name is on this list, please email me at with your mailing address so I can get the SIGNED PAPERBACK out to you!  :) Thank you so much for entering, for being passionate about these characters and for always wanting more. You all make my freaking life!  :) xox


Shelby Ferry---I loved the fact that this reader loved that Jack cheated. She felt that was real and honest.
Brandy Alford Brazzel— her favorite line was #23 on the field, #1 in your heart.
Tabitha Ann Wilbanks--- she, like most of the readers, and myself, loved everything about the quarters.
Rhonda Craft ---- everytime she puts a quarter in the meter at Busch Stadium she smiles thinking about Jack.
Chelle Richards Lagoski Northcutt----she actually threw TPG across the room and is still pissed off and holds a grudge against Jack. HOW CAN SHE NOT GET A PRIZE lmao
Tara Pelfrey Clegg---  She “gets” it. People are human and can change and she loves that you made her change her mind and end up rooting for a cheater.
Heather Fitzgerald Frank---  loved how you wrote the relationship he had with his family members.
Jessica Deleo Brunaker--- She loved the line “ you’re both so screwed up alone that together you’re like the perfect mess”.
Jackie Jason Garcia--- she was emotional throughout the book because you wrote with so much emotion that she still has a TPG book hangover.
Sarah Wilson---  She loved how Jack was kind enough to replace Cassie's camera that was stolen.
Gina21078--- loved that Jack wold break his pitching arm to keep Cassie safe
Cath102892---how Jack has enough quarters for 20 years of touches  to start
Jcarlos--- she had at least 7 comments of her faves. She loved it all because you wrote beautifully and it moved her.
Perpolrawr—quoted things from Gran and Gramps that she loved
Emma_leerose ---- you love him and want to have 10,000 of his little baseball babies.

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