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Thank you for Spreading the word

First of all, I just want to thank each and every one of you who has read The Game Series (it's weird calling them that) of books and fallen in love with Jack F'n Carter. I appreciate all your excitement so much!

I get a lot of emails asking me how you can help spread the word about the books and how we can get them made into movies, etc.  The whole movie thing is a completely different world that I wouldn't even know where to tell you guys to start. I mean, I do know where to start actually, but the last thing I want to do is harass anyone in the industry. Just the fact that so many of you want to see this series on the big screen is flattering to me beyond all belief.  So thank you for that. Maybe at some point it will get optioned for film and i'll celebrate by eating my weight in peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and screaming so loud only mermaids could hear. lol   :)

There are some things that you can do to help me (and ANY self published author really) that are really easy things like-  write a review wherever you purchased the book from. Reviews on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble really do help potential readers make a decision on whether or not they'd like to get the book. Your reviews hold a lot of power. You may not realize that, but they truly do.

Talk about the book on Goodreads (if you're a member there) and encourage others to start reading the series.

And last, but definitely not least is WORD OF MOUTH. When you tell other people to read a series, they most likely will. Your word of mouth is my biggest blessing. When you talk about my books, you get other people excited. When you make those gorgeous little picture and quote things and post them, people get intrigued. You talk, people listen. 

I appreciate all the help, support and love I can get. I've realized in this business that it doesn't only take a village to raise a family, it takes a village to sell books. I can't sell them all on my own. My voice only travels so far. So THANK YOU for all of your help. Thank you for helping spread my voice a little farther, for extending my reach to places I never could have reached on my own. I couldn't do this without you.


The Perfect Game (book #1)
The Sweetest Game (book #3)

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  1. Everyone should know about this series. Jack F'ckn Carter made me love him hate him and then fall in love with him. You are a wonderful writer and I can not wait to see what comes next.