January 2014 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Seeing Stars TEASER

Seeing Stars is the title of my upcoming book. It's a novella (around 40k words) and is a stand alone meant to introduce you into a Celebrity filled world. You'll meet characters in this book that we will read about in the other books to come. 

Seeing Stars focuses on Madison Myers, a girl who works in one of the biggest talent agencies in Los Angeles and Walker Rhodes, one of today's hottest singers.  :)  Here's a sneak peak of it.  This scene takes place during one of Walker's concerts.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope you're excited to read it! 

A tap on my shoulder interrupted my reverie and I turned in that direction, only to be faced with a twenty-something-year-old girl wearing next to nothing. “Do you know him?” she asked, her clearly collagen-plumped lips puckered like she just ate something sour.

“What?” I yelled at her over the screaming surrounding us. Taking in her tiny, barely clothed frame and the ridiculous amount of makeup painted on her face, I stopped myself from rolling my eyes.

“Do you know him? Why was he talking to you? Why does he keep staring at you?” The girl’s voice was irritated and bitchy. Clearly, she hadn’t dressed this way to not be noticed by Walker.

“I don’t know him, sorry,” I answered politely before turning away from her.

I was still rattled by my interaction with Walker. Why had he focused so much of his attention on me? Breaking myself out of my own head, I glanced back toward the stage, my eyes searching for him.

Walker sat on one of the stage steps, his chin in his hand as he spoke to the screaming crowd. “I need a volunteer for this next part.” His head raised slowly, his eyes scanning the crowd.

Keri jumped up and down like a crazy person, waving her arms and screaming his name. I laughed at her antics and sat perfectly still, not wanting to bring any more unwanted attention to myself.

Another tap on my shoulder caused my irritation to bubble as I turned to what was sure to be that annoying overly made-up stupid girl again.

It wasn’t. I came face-to-face with a giant of a man wearing all black and holding a walkie-talkie. Intimidated, I took a half step back and looked around for Keri.

“Come with me.” His tone implied a demand, not a request, and I suddenly wondered what I’d done wrong.

Who the hell was this guy? He’s not the boss of me. He’s not going to tell me to come with him and think I’ll just obey. I frowned and said quickly, “Uh. No, thanks.”

He flashed his VIP backstage pass in my face as if it were the only credential he needed. “Miss. It’s part of the show. Can you come with me, please? You’ll be onstage with Mr. Rhodes.”


Well, shit.

I guess he could be the boss of me, after all.

What is Kiss Kiss?

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New York Signing Information!

I'm coming to New York<3!!!!!!

Not until July, BUT STILL... I'M COMING TO NEW YORK for my first ever book signing there!!!!! :)

Here's all the information you need to know if you plan on coming (and I hope you do)! 

the WHEN: 
Saturday, July 26, 2014

the WHERE: 
DoubleTree by Hilton Metropolitan Hotel

You need to register if you plan to attend the event. This is important to ensure that our event planner gets an accurate number of attendees for the signing- it helps coordinate the times of the event, as well as the # of books we bring for sale.
Please go here to sign up for a time slot:


There is a Facebook Event Page here that you can join (or not):


And this is a cool trailer for all the authors who will be in attendance!  :)

New York Author Occasion 2014 from Heather Maven on Vimeo.

I hope to see you there! And I can't freaking wait!!!  :)  xox jenn

Good deals on good books!

There are so many good deals on some good books right now- i just wanted to post some here for you!!!  :)  Just click on the book cover and it will take you to the amazon page!

Slammed by Colleen Hoover is only $2.99 today only (normally over $7 i think!). It's a great read!

I love this book by Tiffany King.. it's called Miss Me Not- it's only .99 right now.

And the Keatyn Chronicles books 1-3 are only $2.99 right now!  This series is awesome and super fun.. i love it and got totally hooked after book 2 (or at the start of book 2)! Ah heck, it doesn't matter when it happened.. just know that it happened. lol

Andrea Randall's In the Stillness is only $1.99 right now. This is a great book-  heartbreakingly relateable. 

I think that's all i've got for now!  :) GO GO GO! 

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