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Seeing Stars Cover Reveal, Synopsis AND Teaser!

Here it is!  My beautiful cover for SEEING STARS- Madison & Walker's story! I hope you love it just as much as I do!  :) Seeing Stars is a standalone. It's meant to be an introduction into the celebrity world and the next books that follow. 
Releasing on March 13th

Seeing Stars

Walker Rhodes is a hot singing sensation who never settles down, spends too much money gambling and gets in trouble on the daily- at least if you believe all the tabloids.
Madison Myers is a hard working talent agent assistant thrust into the spotlight one day after Walker pulls her on stage during one of his concerts. She tries to stay away from him, but he keeps chasing her. She is strong in her resolve and he is relentless in his pursuit. The question is... WHY?!?! 
Tabloid Headline Reads:  Walker Rhodes pulls woman on stage during LA concert and serenades her with stars in his eyes and we watched as the sparks flew! But just who is this mystery woman who has stolen Walker's heart?  And will she be the one to finally tie down our favorite womanizing gambler? 
Our readers poll: 80% say no way!
The other 20% wish they were her!
Read more inside...
Teaser Excerpt
Walker sat on one of the stage steps, his chin in his hand as he spoke to the screaming crowd. “I need a volunteer for this next part.” His head raised slowly, his eyes scanning the crowd.
Keri jumped up and down like a crazy person, waving her arms and screaming his name. I laughed at her antics and sat perfectly still, not wanting to bring any more unwanted attention to myself.
Another tap on my shoulder caused my irritation to bubble as I turned to what was sure to be that annoying overly made-up stupid girl again.
It wasn’t.
I came face-to-face with a giant of a man wearing all black and holding a walkie-talkie. Intimidated, I took a half step back and looked around for Keri.
“Come with me.” His tone implied a demand, not a request, and I suddenly wondered what I’d done wrong.
Who the hell was this guy? He’s not the boss of me. He’s not going to tell me to come with him and think I’ll just obey. I frowned and said quickly, “Uh. No, thanks.”
He flashed his VIP backstage pass in my face as if it were the only credential he needed. “Miss. It’s part of the show. Can you come with me, please? You’ll be onstage with Mr. Rhodes.”
Well, shit.
I guess he could be the boss of me, after all.
I shot Keri a surprised look before I was quickly hauled off in the direction of an almost completely darkened backstage area. We walked through a black curtain before we were hit with lights and blaring music.
“I’m going to bring you onstage.”
“And then what?” I asked, suddenly nervous. Not to be around Walker Rhodes, but nervous at the thought of standing in front of thousands of screaming people with cell phones ready to record my every move.
I started to tremble. Afraid my legs wouldn’t hold me up any longer, I begged the security guy to help me out there. He smiled at me and gave me a little shove.
Thanks, you dick.
Next thing I knew, I was standing onstage, my face mere inches from Walker’s. Walker no-human-being-should-be-anywhere-near-this-gorgeous-in-real-life Rhodes.

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My upcoming novel, Seeing Stars is now available for Pre-order on Amazon!

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2014 Appearances!

My appearances page has been recently updated to include ALL of my signings for 2014!  I've included all the information for each signing that I have so far- hotels, registration, websites, etc. 

Make sure you come see me if i'm near you.  I love to meet all my readers... really, there is nothing better!  :)

Thanks for being so awesome. 

First up-  HOUSTON! This will be my first signing in Texas, so make sure you come say hi if you're around!  :)

The Woodlands Waterway, Marriott Hotel
Registration Required:  www.lalonemarketing.com/events

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