I'm so bad - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

I'm so bad

at blogging lately! :/

Hell, maybe i've always been bad at it. lol  I think when baseball season rolls around, my energy gets zapped. I love watching the boy play ball, but it gets intense and since he doesn't have his drivers license yet, i'm still the mom-taxi and I get to drive him around everywhere!  Yay me!  But it makes it hard for me to schedule my time. 3 years into writing and I still can't schedule / plan anything. lol 

My first Texas signing was a blast!  Texas, you're pretty cool. I liked you. 

Next up is Washington DC, with a lineup that is pretty freaking spectacular if you ask me!

Authors:Jennifer Armentrout
Amanda Bennett
Cora Carmack
Emma Chase
Jillian Dodd
Rebecca Donovan
Priscilla Glenn
Abbi Glines
Wendy Higgins
K.A. Linde
Jamie McGuire
Dina Silver
Jenn Sterling
Luke Young

I mean, really?!?!!  Look at all that awesomeness in 1 room!  And you can meet them ALL!  I love these signings-  love when they rock and this one is going to be off the hook. 
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Noon–4 pm
Four Points by Sheraton Washington DC Downtown Hotel
(Federal Ballroom)
1201 K Street NW  |  Washington, DC  |  20005

Make sure you register here:

That's it for now!  I really need to head into the writing cave and work on Paige's book. It's coming along... s l o w l y.  I'm having a hard time getting into her head because she's SO different from me, but if I never venture away from my norm, i'll never grow. And I always want to grow.  :)

Love you guys!  Chat soon!

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