July 2014 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling


Why am I so bad at blogging and keeping y'all updated on my writing life?!?!!  It's because I talk to you so much over on Facebook, that I feel like I don't want to repeat myself here?!  I dunno.  Maybe i'm just lazy?  :)

I just got back from a signing in New York and i'm literally kicking myself because... IT WAS NEW YORK!  AND JACK & CASSIE LIVED IN NEW YORK!  AND THE METS ARE THERE!  AND... I should have planned something for the readers in New York and we should have done something fun! 

But I didn't.

Because i'm dumb.


So, I guess that just means i'll have to come back and do something cool with y'all there.  :)

The next signing is in ATLANTA next month! It's nowhere near at capacity, so if you're in the area, or not far away- COME SEE ME! 

Here is the link to all the details:

In the meantime, i'm heading back into the cave to finish this dang book!  I'm working on Paige Lockwood's story still (the actress we met briefly in Seeing Stars).  I'll keep you updated as soon as I type THE END.  Wish me luck!  :)

Oh yeah- if you have a KOBO device, Seeing Stars is on sale for 30% off. Just click the link and shop:
It ends TODAY, so get to clicking!  :)

LOVE Y'ALL!  MEAN IT!  Chat soon!

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Our loveable little screwup Jack F'n Carter has been nominated in the NA (new adult) CRUSH TOURNAMENT!

And it's going on now! 

You have 24 hours to head on over to the site and vote for JFC!  :) 


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Thanks everyone!  Let's have fun!  :)