Let's Celebrate my Birthday! :) - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Let's Celebrate my Birthday! :)

In honor of my FINALLY finishing Breaking Stars and sending it to the editor... AND the fact that it's my birthday this weekend, I've put SEEING STARS on sale for .99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble only! 
Next Thursday he's here! #WalkerRhodes #SeeingStars

The sale will run through Sunday night- on all amazon/b&n countries. Spread the word... there are a lot of people who have it on their TBR list (i know how long those are) and now would be the perfect time to grab it!!  So tell your friends. Share the links on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc!  Tell everyone who has been wanting to read this story that NOW IS THE TIME!  And thanks for everything. You all freaking rock!  Are you read for Paige's story?! It's coming next!  :)




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