How Can You Help Me? - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

How Can You Help Me?

People always ask me how they can "help" or what they can do when it comes to spreading the word about my books. The two things I always tell them are #1- to leave a spoiler-free (if possible) review wherever they bought the book from and on Goodreads if they are a member. And #2- to recommend any book they loved to their friends, peers, people who love reading, etc. 
Reviews and word of mouth are the 2 very best things you can do for any author, myself included. Without you, how will other people even know I exist?  Thank you for helping other readers find out about me. You are appreciated!  :)
Here are the links to purchase 10 Years Later wherever e-books are sold!  Thank you so much for reading Dalton & Cammie's story.





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