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New York Times Bestseller

In case you missed it, 10 Years Later hit the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller's list at #16 for the week of April 19th.  (it also hit the USA TODAY bestseller list as well)

I... can't... even...   there are no words. Well, there are words like "thank you" and "oh my gosh" and things like that- but they seem so stupid. I'm overwhelmed with this honor. And yes, I do feel honored.

Instead of babbling incessantly here, I'm going to copy/paste what I wrote over on my author page on Facebook because it pretty much says it all. But first, if you're reading this on my website and it's your first time hearing the news - YAY, right?!?!   :)

I just got home a little over an hour ago from Blake's baseball game and I logged online to SO MUCH LOVE from everyone about my hitting the New York Times news. 
First of all, I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to this community. My fellow authors, my readers, strangers and friends alike- your comments, your words, your support is so humbling to me, you have no idea. I just finished reading every single comment, looked at every single post and responded to every single email. I hope you know how much I appreciate the time you take to make ME feel special. Because that's what you've all done for me tonight- you've celebrated with me, you've been happy for me, you've congratulated me and I can not thank you all enough for your kindness.

It took me 4 years and 8 book releases to hit this list, so this wasn't something that happened for me overnight. And in that same regard, I know that there are still so many authors out there who have worked longer, worked harder, and released far more than 8 novels, who are still trying to hit it. To those writers, please know that I never ever take this for granted and yes, I do know how lucky I am.

Again, I just really wanted to thank each one of you for being so genuinely thrilled for me. It has been your reactions and words that have made me tear up more than hitting the list did. I love and respect so many of you. Thank you for loving and respecting me back.



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