There are 3 books in Jack Carter Land - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

There are 3 books in Jack Carter Land

It shocks me everytime I get an email asking me if I'll ever write a Dean & Melissa book. I always respond and ask the person if they read The Sweetest Game (the last book in the series) or not and they always respond back saying they didn't know there was a third book!

THERE IS A THIRD BOOK PEOPLE! Jack F'n Carter and Cassie have 3 books.
Tres. ...

There are 3 books in the Perfect Game Series. And if you don't read that last one, then yeah- you still have questions. You still want more. You still don't have FULL resolution for anyone. Which is probably why it's my favorite of the three books. There's so much damn happy in it (after some suckage, of course).

The Perfect Game & The Game Changer are still only $1.99 on Amazon right now and I've recently enrolled The Sweetest Game in Kindle Unlimited so all of you who are members can read it for free.  :)  There are three books. You need to read them all or you'll be sad forever. And you'll think poor Dean is a lonely bachelor forever with a bunch of large dogs. He might be. You wouldn't know though unless you read the book. lol

The Perfect Game:
The Game Changer:
The Sweetest Game:

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