Jack Carter t-shirt! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Jack Carter t-shirt!

Okay, you've been asking me for one of these for at least 3 years!  And it took me that long to deliver... cause... uh....  I dunno?  I suck?  LOL

BUT FINALLY!  The first ever Jack F'n Carter t-shirt is here and available to order!!!  It's a Teespring campaign, so it's running for 15 days. It's only $19.99 and comes in a plethora of sizes!  I'm so excited and hope this is just the first of many shirts we do!  :)

This would make a good present of any kind!  Order yours today



  1. Can you add unisex shirts to the campaign? I am pleasantly plump I don't like the woman's fit lol

    1. melissa, i'm not sure if i can change the shirts or not, but i'll see. the sizes go fairly large, but it's not that? They just fit dumb cause they're for girls? lol

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    3. Yeah the women's cut always pretends we all have that hour glass shape :) I don't ! I am ok with that too!! Lol but I sure would love to sport a carter shirt !! :)