Dear Heart, I Hate You - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Dear Heart, I Hate You

DHIHY is the title of my next book. I'm writing and working really hard on it right now. I'm so in love with this story and I can't wait until you all get to experience it. It's been a very emotional and painful story for me to write- but my hope (as is with all my books) is that it's relateable and speaks to you on some level. <3

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll see some teasers that i've been posting. Heck, i've been posting a lot on my Twitter as well. This book is coming out of me at all avenues- I can't seem to stop it.

It's officially on Goodreads now, so you can add it to your TBR list!  :)

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