Brazil was AMAZING! - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Brazil was AMAZING!

I don't think I can adequately put into words how amazing Brazil was.
7 flights in 8 days.
4 cities.
Countless readers, other authors and new friends.

I have never been more grateful and thankful for my life than I am in this moment. I didn't know that Brazil would inspire me, alter my view, change me.
But it did.
It has.
It's funny how other countries can do that to you-  make you think about things you never really thought about before. Make you see things you otherwise wouldn't have. I don't know that I like what visiting other countries is making me feel about my own. Don't get me wrong, I love America. It's my home, but damn, we are one gluttonous country. We have SO much and other places have SO little. The funny part is how much we don't really "need" all the crap we have here. Why do we have 250 shampoo bottles to choose from? No wonder we're so stressed out.  LOL

Anyway, it was a great trip to a beautiful country I would have otherwise most likely never seen in my lifetime. Most people there didn't speak English (and they shouldn't have), but holy hell was that part hard when Tarryn and I were left all alone. At one point she was almost in tears trying to order room service and I couldn't stop laughing at them hanging up on her time and time again. Tarryn gets Hangry. I get laughy.

Dinner the first night with our Faro Editorial staff, and Faro author, Marcus!

 Myself and Tarryn drinking Cairpihinishaldsfsdjk in Sao Paulo our first day there!

 Just your everyday bonding session with Pedro from Faro Editorial!  <3

 Apparently this is what it's like to room with me, according to Tarryn. I don't see the problem.

 Tarryn and I at our first signing at the Bienel

 In Rio

Don't know what we would have done without these 2. Well, we wouldn't have been able to speak to anyone and we would have walked everywhere. LOL  Andrea and Pri were the best!!!  <3

Brazil, I love you. Thank you for opening my heart and making it beat with a passion unlike anything ever has. You are wonderful.  Truly wonderful and I appreciate you.  Obrigada!  Jenn

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  1. You guys were the best! You have no idea how fun it was too see you guys, even for a second at Bienal. xoxo