November 2016 - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Private Reader Group on Facebook

I know that a lot of people are NOT on facebook and that's okay -  just wanted to make sure that those of you who WERE, had the chance to join my private group on there.  I post exclusive excerpts from books i'm working on-  I interact with my readers almost daily there-  and it's a very personal and private place where we share our struggles and our journey.  It's not just about me and my books- it's about all of us.  

That space is something I cherish and would love for you to be a part of it. Follow the link below and ask to join the group. Once approved, you'll be in.  :)
Reader Group:

Also, please sign up for my newsletter. I get a lot of emails asking me about books i'm writing and sales, etc.  The newsletter is the BEST way (and sometimes the ONLY method I'll choose for getting in touch with you guys) for you to get informed on things like a flash 24-hour sale, an exclusive box set release, and all of my new releases! I would love for you sign up.

Thanks as always- i'm heading back into the cave to finish No Bad Days. It's the first book in a 3 series book about the Fisher Brothers. You're going to LOVE them.  :)  <3