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Bitter Rivals is coming!

I've just announced my upcoming standalone romance titled, Bitter Rivals!  You guys, I am SO excited for you to read this story. These characters have captured my heart, made me laugh and made me swoon.  I'm having so much fun writing these two enemies and you're going to love reading their story! :)

Add Bitter Rivals to your Goodreads "to be read" shelf today- that way you won't forget when it comes out.


The full synopsis is to come, but here's a peak at what this enemies to lovers story is all about:

James Russo and Julia La Bella have been raised to despise one another for as long as they can remember. Their families have hated eachother for generations and there's no sign of the age-old feud ending anytime soon. 

Running wineries next door to eachother doesn't make things easy on either of them, especially when feelings start to get involved. 

But can you really fall in love with the enemy when the threat of losing everything hangs in the balance?  

Love Baseball Romances?

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I promise- you're gonna love him. But you're definitely gonna hate him first. Sorry about that, but ... life.

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Happy Ending is LIVE!

It's here!  The 4th and final story in the Fisher Brothers books has arrived!  You are going to LOVE going beyond the pages of the boys original happily ever after's and see what happens next. There's so much more love to be had... and drama... I mean, what do you expect? lol :)  


What readers are saying:
"It's so much more than I expected but exactly what my heart needed!"

"5+ stars for this final Fisher brothers story. The smile still hasn't left my face."

"It was so much fun and had the perfect amount of everything in it. I want to read it again!"

Grab your copy of Happy Ending Now:

*** I've been getting a lot of emails asking why Happy Ending isn't in Kindle Unlimited. The other 3 books are on their way out of it, so I couldn't put Happy Ending in. All 4 books will no longer be available in KU soon and will be making their way to other retailers for the first time ever. That means that Nook, Ibooks and Kobo readers will soon be able to meet the boys. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. *** 

The Boy is off to college

*insert long sigh here*

The boy moved out this past weekend. He's playing baseball at a Division-1 school in California and I couldn't be more proud. You all have no idea how hard he's worked toward this goal- not only his whole life, but especially this past summer. It's way too much to get in to, but just know that he made this happen for himself. He worked his ass off to make sure he qualified to play this upcoming season. He's a rockstar. :)

And now he's gone.

And my house feels so big.
And quiet.
And clean.
And empty.

Everyone wants to know how I'm doing. I had a countdown going over on my Instagram page until he moved out where I posted throwback pictures of him each day. It was fun! But I think it gave people the impression that I was a hot mess just waiting to happen. lol I get it. Blake's my only child. And he's the only person I've lived with the past 20 years... and now he's gone.

I'm going to be straight up because I've gotten a lot of emails from other mom's asking how I am, and they're worried they won't be able to get through this when the time comes for them. It's a weird thing realizing that he's moved out..... it's a different sort of feeling than knowing he's just going to be gone for a week, or visiting someone, or on vacation or something. I can feel it in my guts that he doesn't live here anymore. There's a small hole inside my stomach now that's filled with sadness. I can FEEL it if I think about it for too long.

And that's weird.

I think the worst part is the worry. It's shifted now. Where I used to not be able to fall asleep until I heard him walk through the front door (so I knew he was home and alive), now I worry if he's making good decisions, not putting himself in bad situations and staying safe. It's hard not knowing what he's doing, if he's okay or if he's happy. I think that will fade with time but it's the most prominent feeling that I have right now. (That and my hole of sadness 😂)

But there are other emotions too... there's hope and excitement!! For both Blake and for myself. :) I'm so excited for him to start this chapter of his life. I know how much my college years meant to me.. how life changing they were... how amazing that time was, so I hope it's the same for him.

And while I'll miss him not being here and getting to see him in person everyday, I know it's for the best-  for him and for me. We both have so much to look forward too and honestly? I can't wait to get started on my part!  <3

HAPPY ENDING is coming in fall!

That's right!  The last Fisher brothers book will be released on September 10th!  That's a little over a month away!! I'm so excited for you all to read this fun novella and I hope it gives you all the things you've been emailing me and asking me for.  :)

Here's the cover!  Yep, that's Ryan again- which means the story is from his (and Sofia's) point of view. It's really fun. You're going to love it!

All the links to purchase can be found below. It's up for pre-order on all major retailers and as soon as the rest of the books are OUT of kindle unlimited, they're coming along too. Which means that you Nook'ers, iBook'ers and Kobo'ers won't be out of luck for much longer.  :)  Thank you for being so patient. 

Bring on SEPTEMBER 10th!  


More Fisher Brothers

You read that right!  There is one last Fisher Brothers novel coming your way!

HAPPY ENDING will most likely release in early September and you're going to love this one. It's everything you wanted and more.

Wedding? Check!
Babies? Check!
Proposals? Check!

Add it to your Goodreads today:


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Brand New Box Set!

Happy Spring everyone!  At least, I hope you're finally getting some Spring weather wherever you are (unless you're not in the US- then... happy almost Winter???)  lol

Just a quick post to let you know that I've put together a very special Romance Box Set. This set is filled with Alpha Males and Second Chances... so you won't want to miss out on the chance to grab it while you can.

And right now, I'm releasing it for only .99 cents!!  That's right-  3 of my stand alone romance novels for only .99.  But you've got to hurry!!!  The price won't last.  The set will be around for awhile, but that price tag definitely won't.

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Being a Baseball Mom

I can't stop thinking about the Humboldt Bronco hockey team. You heard about the bus crash right? The team was heading to their playoff hockey game when they collided with a semi, killing 15 people and injuring everyone else on board.  I'm just devastated for the families, the friends, the girlfriends, the community.

My son plays baseball. He's played since he was 5 years old. I send him away to games all the time. I send him on buses and shuttles and in other people's cars. He's on the road a lot. And that's not going to stop anytime soon. He's going to keep playing baseball, going further in his career, and continue to put his life in other people's hands for every away game. But I guess that's what we all do every single day, isn't it? Anytime we get behind the wheel of our car, or in the passenger seat of someone else's... or hell, whenever we walk down the street.

Our safety isn't a guarantee, I think we all know that, but God does this reminder of that simple fact ever hurt.

I think the second a tragedy like this occurs, we parents put ourselves in the situation. We immediately think, it could have been us. It could have been my kid, my team, my community. I could be the one grieving right now, trying to find my balance and struggling for a sliver of light in what most likely feels like unending darkness. You can't help it. You can't help but think about it- the what if's- the painful attempt to relate to what those parents must be feeling or going through when in reality, you simply can't.
And then there's the sort of ugly side of life... when you breathe out a little extra- thankful that it wasn't your kid, your team, or your community. And it's a fucked up thing to say out loud, I know, but it's true. Our heart breaks with all of those who have lost their child, but it also beats out with gratefulness at what we still get to have and hold. You feel gutted for their loss, yet thankful that it wasn't yours. It's brutal, but it doesn't make it any less true.

These boys were just heading to a playoff game for the sport that they loved. On a bus they probably traveled on a thousand times before. On a road they'd probably drove on a million times before. The only loss anyone even considered would be the one at the game that night- because let's face it, one of the teams had to lose.

But this... this loss was too great. This wasn't what anyone meant.

If there is anything to be grateful for at all in this horrific tragedy, it's that they didn't go alone. Even in death, they still have eachother. Teammates forever. But it still really fucking sucks.

If you can find it in your wallet to donate to the families, the link is below. If you can't donate yourself, maybe you can share this link instead. 


Adios Pantalones Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek into Ryan's story-  which releases at midnight tonight! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? 

Foul Mood

Something was definitely wrong with me tonight. I was in a shitty mood, and for no good reason. At least, not one that I could pinpoint.

“Hey, Ryan,” a female voice shouted at me from across Sam’s, the bar my brothers and I owned, and I knew what was coming before I even turned to face her.

The fact that the woman shouting at me was a gorgeous brunette did nothing to improve my state of mind. Beautiful women were a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, and I got to see them every single night. Hell, most of them screamed my name and left me their phone numbers on their way out the door, each one hoping I’d call.

Part of me no longer wanted to indulge in this game of let’s get Ryan to take his shirt off, but like a good fucking sheep, I did what was expected of me.

“Yeah, sweetheart?” I forced a grin, my teeth grinding together as I fought the urge to run.

She looked around at the bar, still packed even though it was closing time, and gave me a grin of her own. “Can I get an Adios . . .” Her lips pursed and her eyebrows raised seductively as she waited.

“Pantalones,” the rest of the bar crowd sang out in unison.

So I did what I always did—took off my damn shirt and tossed it onto the register, screams and whistles filling my ears like we were at a strip club.

As I made the last drink of the night, I got lost in my own thoughts, my mind a scary place to be when I was in one of these rare moods.

I couldn’t remember how this tradition got started in the first place, but I was fairly sure that I brought it on myself. You would think it would be every man’s fantasy to have a roomful of women screaming his name each night. You would think that every guy on God’s green earth would love to have women falling at his feet the way women seemed to fall at mine.

But if you thought that about me, then you didn’t know me at all.

Click here to order Ryan's book and get your final Fisher Brother lovin' on!  :)


Everyone always wants to know why I love London so much. It's hard to put into words the way a place just FEELS. There's just something about London that is unlike any other city I've been too (so far). It's comfortable, when it should be anything but.

Growing up in Southern California my whole life, I wasn't exposed to certain architectural things. There were no castles. There wasn't anywhere I could go and visit 1000 year old buildings that were LITERALLY brimming with the things we read about in our history books. I mean, can you even wrap your mind around something being a THOUSAND years old??!! It's insane to me.... in the best possible way.

London is magical. It's dark. It's cultured and diverse in a completely different way than America is. It's just a really fucking cool city with so much to do and see.

But to be honest, there's still so much of Europe I want to explore. I'm hoping I'll find a new favorite, but since London was my first, it might be hard. What's your favorite European city? I wanna know!!!

Ps.... had the best time at the book signing last Saturday!!!! :)


Have you met Daniel Alexander?
Daniel is my most favorite guy character that I've written to date. He knows what he wants and he refuses to stop until he gets it. He's smart enough to see through the walls a woman puts up and instead of thinking they're too high, he figures out how to scale them instead! He's the type of man who knows what and who is worth fighting for.
I wrote Daniel when I was dreaming up qualities that would be able to sweep a strong woman off her feet. Strong women are not always easy to love. So I made him stronger. And bossy. Successful. And romantic. And kind. I love him. Hard. I know you will too. 
This book was previously released under the title Heartless in 2014. 
If you never read Heartless, then this is new to you!  :)  
Go meet Daniel & Elizabeth today!  You'll be glad you did.  <3

The Fisher Brothers Book Trailer!

It's here!  Gah, I'm so in love with this trailer and so excited to share it with you!!!  Have you met the Fisher Brothers yet?  All 3 books are FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited member on Amazon.  You've got to meet these bartending brothers from Southern California!  :)  <3

The Fisher Brothers is a series of standalone novels that can be sipped one at a time, or binged in order. Each book is aptly named after one of the popular drinks at their bar. Enjoy!!

No Bad Days - Nick's story (new adult romance)

Guy Hater - Frank's story (contemporary romance)

Adios Pantalones - Ryan's story (contemporary romance)

Social Media Perceptions

I've been having a lot of interesting conversations with people lately about social media and the things that they (and other people) present to the masses. I'm sure that many of you have heard the term "FAKEbook" when used to describe Facebook, right?  I remember the first time someone said that to me, I had to ask them what they were talking about because I honestly didn't know what they meant. FAKE book?  Like pretending like your life was great when it really wasn't?  WHY?  What would be the point of that?

I wasn't judging when I asked that question... I just literally didn't get it. And I know that I didn't get it because I don't do that. And when I don't do something, I assume naively, that other people don't either. 

Here's one thing I can promise you if you follow me here on my blog, or on any of my other social media platforms.... I won't use it as a means to present something that isn't true. If i'm not happy, you won't see me posting a picture where I look like I am. If things aren't good at home, you won't see me posting hand-holding, laughing and loving, coupley type photos. If one of my books isn't selling very many copies, you sure as hell won't see me posting about how great it's doing. My social media is an extension of my life. And I try to live that life as authentically and truthfully as possible. I don't see the point in misleading people. I wouldn't want to be misled. And I believe it does a huge disservice to all of you who follow me.

The truth is, I actually think that social media in general can be very damaging to our psyche. It can make you feel very bad about yourself and your life. It's extremely easy to believe that what you have and who you are isn't good enough if you let it. But that's ridiculous! We can't measure our self-worth through other people's meticulously planned photos and overly scripted captions. As long as we are constantly comparing ourselves to what we perceive other people as having, we are robbing ourselves of joy.

Comparison is the enemy of joy. And it's really hard to be happy when you're always feeling like less than enough. Which is probably why I'm not a fan of the showy or braggy online mentality either. I'm not a big believer in showing off material things that most people don't have. You have a brand new $100,000 car? Good for you. You have the biggest diamond on Facebook? Cool. I could honestly give two shits about any of that stuff. Now that's not to say that I don't like anything nice because of course I do... you just won't usually see me posting about it because I don't think that's what truly matters (aside from the traveling because I want to share all of those experiences with you and I get really excited to show you all the things that I see! But it's never meant to brag. Ever.)


Those are what fuel my heart and soul. Those are the things I want to talk about... and post about.

Each one of us is on a journey. One that is uniquely our own. It's not for anyone else. I know that my path is meant for me, and only me, and I'm grateful for every single thing I've gone through so far in my life. I know who I am. I'm extremely secure and self-confident. I always have been. I know what makes me happy. I know what brings me joy. But I'm also in a constant state of growth and I love to learn new things. I strive to be a better person. And that's really what I hope you see when you interact with me online. :)