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Losing Stars Coming Early Fall - For Real

I know you guys have been waiting years (literally) for me to finish writing this book and there is nothing than worse than thinking a book is coming out in 2016, only to have it get pushed back again and again and again until.. well... here we are, three years later.

Three years.

Freaking ridiculous right?

Trust me, I know. And I am so sorry.

I have NEVER done to a story what I did with Losing Stars. When I first started planning the Celebrity Series, Losing Stars was the easiest to plot out. I knew exactly what was going to happen and how. It was going to be risky. Controversial. And most likely a bunch of you were going to be suuuuuuuuuper pissed at me. But I couldn't see any other way around it. At the time, I felt like the story HAD to go to that way. There was a very specific point I wanted to make, and I was going to use Quinn & Ryson to make it.

Then something changed. To be honest, it was my heart and the way I felt about love. I stopped hating it. I started believing in it again. And I found myself happy in my relationship, instead of feeling bitter and resentful. <3

I couldn't write the story the way I had originally planned. I didn't WANT to. So I threw away over half the book. That is something that in the history of my writing career that I have NEVER done.  I have never trashed thirty-thousand words of writing. But I did. I had to. They weren't part of the story anymore.

I basically had to start over with where the story was going to go now that I wasn't having the characters do "this" thing anymore. The once easy plot, was now broken. There were some usable chunks of writing that were salvageable, but even they had to be rewritten and finagled and reworked into this new story to make sense.

To be honest, it was a mess. I was disheartened. I didn't know how to fix what I'd created without completely starting from scratch and I really, really, really, didn't want to do that. It would take me too long. I'd taken too long already.

I knew you guys were waiting on this book. I got emails asking for it daily. It lingered over my head, always reminding me that I'd made a promise that I hadn't followed through on. Trust me, it weighed on me. I never forgot about this story. More importantly, I never forgot that you guys were waiting for it, expecting it, wanting it.

I'm sorry it took me so damn long.

But it's done now!  I mean... It's not with the editor yet, but pretty damn close! And I'm going to release it either late September, or early October. Yeah... in like... mere weeks!  And I'm so incredibly in love with Quinn & Ryson's story. I'm so excited for how it turned out. It was really hard to throw away words (multiple times) and finally get this story on track, but we're there! It's there!  And soon, it will be here!

Thank you all for hanging in there with me. I'm sorry that I disappointed you. I hope their story more than makes up for it and was worth the wait. I think it is, but I'm a little partial!  :)

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Synopsis and cover: 
I’ve loved Ryson for as long as I can remember. He stole my heart on set when we were teenagers and hasn’t let it go since. It hasn’t always been easy being Hollywood’s hottest couple, but it’s always been worth it.

Until now.

I never thought that anything could come between us. I never imagined a scenario where Ryson and I wouldn’t be together…. but here we are; living out my worst nightmare. And in the public eye, no less.

Everyone wants a piece of me, but all I want is him. 

In an industry where love seems destined to be torn apart, how could I have ever thought we’d survive?


  1. *HUGS* First of all, I'm SO HAPPY that you fell in love w/ love again. That's really the greatest part! And this just gives me an excuse to reread the first two books, which I loved. Yay!!! Thanks for making the hard sacrifice of ripping the story apart so it could be put back together the way it's meant to. : )


    1. I LOVE their story SO MUCH now and I can't wait to talk about what I originally planned on doing after it's released! Thank you for being excited! :)