Avoiding the Playboy - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Avoiding the Playboy


In her steamiest and sexiest novel to date, New York Times best selling author J. Sterling brings you her her most alpha male yet. The result is a leading man who will steal your heart and make all your fantasies come true. 

After being cheated on, I made a rule for myself: No Distractions. No distractions basically translated into: No Men. And that meant HELL NO when it came to Daniel Alexander. Daniel was just like every other guy out there, only worse: he was richer than sin and used to getting what he wanted.

I don't care that Daniel thinks he wants me. I'm convinced he just likes a challenge; but unfortunately for him, I'm not up for the chase, no matter how ridiculously gorgeous he is. A guy that hot could make a woman like me lose focus and that's not something I'm willing to risk. I've worked too hard.

I have no interest in him... but he has no interest in leaving me alone. No matter how hard I push, he won't go away. No matter how much I ignore him, he refuses to be ignored. Daniel's convinced there's something between us, but I don't trust him. And my gut is rarely wrong.

  ***please note that this serial was originally published under the title Heartless in 2014***