Guy Hater - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Guy Hater


I've seen Frank Fisher before, but he's never seen me. He definitely saw me tonight. And I know I wasn't the only one who felt the world shift the moment our eyes connected from across the bar.

But Frank isn't like his brothers. He's quiet, elusive, and keeps to himself. It makes him mysterious, but that's not why I'm drawn to him. It's something else. Something I've never experienced before, as cliche as that may sound.

I want to be around him. Get to know him better. Explore what's growing between us, but Frank keeps holding back and I have no idea why. Good thing I'm a persistent woman who doesn't scare off easily. 

Right? I guess we'll see. 

"A must read. 5+ stars! One of my all time favorite stories."  


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