Wanting the Playboy - New York Times Bestselling Author, J. Sterling

Wanting the Playboy


In the epic conclusion to Daniel and Elizabeth's story, we find ourselves torn between truth and lies. What is the truth? What isn't? Can anyone be trusted? 

The past is never far enough behind. It's something I've learned recently and wished wasn't true.

Sometimes the past should be locked in a box and never let out (sometimes the people from there should stay in that box too). But when the past merges with our present, Daniel and I are torn apart by secrecy and deception.

How can I ever trust him again? I hate him for lying and I can't handle the jealousy and the envy that's being wielded at me from all directions. It's too much for me to balance along with the demands of my career. Something has to give. 

I might have broken my number one rule and fallen in love with Daniel, but I'm strong enough to let him go. I can only hope he'll respect my wishes and stay gone this time.

**Please note that this was originally published under the title Heartless in 2014**